Joint IEEE IITC/MAM 2023 will be held in presence mode in Dresden, Germany, May 22-25, 2023.

The 26th edition of IITC ( International Interconnect Technology Conference) as a joint event with MAM (Materials for Advanced Metallization Conference) is sponsored by the IEEE Electron Devices Society as the premier conference for interconnect technology devoted to leading-edge research in the field of advanced metallization and 3D integration for ULSI applications. Prior to the technical program, a workshop featuring “Interconnect Challenges for Next Generation Computing” will be held.​

The conference seeks papers on all aspects of BEOL/MOL/3D interconnects and metallization, including design, unit process, integration and reliability. Authors are encouraged to submit their original work describing innovative research and development in the critically important field of on-chip interconnects and heterogeneous integration.

IITC/MAM 2023 will be held in-person this year, with no virtual presentation or attendance option


  • Advanced interconnects: Cu, beyond Cu, low-k interconnects, carbon-based interconnects, optical, wireless, …
  • Contacts on MOS devices: alternative metals, Silicides, III-V, 2D materials…
  • Memory architecture: CBRAM, PCRAM, ReRAM, MRAM, DRAM, 3DNAND…
  • 3D integration & packaging concerns: 2.5D/3D interconnection, advanced interconnection for FOWLP, Heterogeneous integration, WtW/CtW bonding, Interposer, Through Si Via, CPI…
  • Novel System and Emerging Technology: Energy harvesting, brain-inspired computing, quantum devices, biochips, backend devices…
  • Power Electronics / IGBTs and materials / interconnects for GaN & SiC
  • MEMS/NEMS: Sensors and Actuators
  • Novel Form Factors: flexible electronics, wearables…


  • Process integration, advanced patterning for MOL/BEOL Materials and Unit Processes (Dielectrics, Metals, barriers, Wet, CMP, PVD, CVD, ALD, selective deposition/SAMs, patterning)
  • Reliability and Failure analysis, Characterization, analytical techniques and methods
  • Advanced material/process characterization, design-technology co-optimization, and modelling techniques
  • Advanced packaging for 2.5D/3D

The IEEE IITC/MAM 2023 conference is organized and supported by IEEE MCE/EDS in collaboration with Fraunhofer ENAS, Fraunhofer IPMS and TU Chemnitz and Silicon Saxony as the network partner.

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