Invited Speakers

Invited Speaker NameInvited Talk Topic
Jeong-Hoon Ahn

7 nm BEOL Integration and Qualification for Manufacturing
Kristof Croes

Interconnect Reliability
Suman Datta
University of Notre Dame
BEOL device technology and integration for denser function
Regina Freed

Applied Materials
Selective processing to improve self alignment
Arnaud Furnemont

Memory technologies
Oleg Gluschenkov
MOL/BEOL Intersection for Advanced CMOS Nodes
Chris H. Kim

University of Minnesota
Characterization and Mitigation of Electromigration Effects in Advanced Technology Nodes
Eiich Kondoh

University of Yamanashi
Application of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Fluids to Advanced Metallization
Nick Lanzillo
A Comprehensive BEOL Performance Extraction Methodology
Takeshi Nogami
Advanced Interconnects
Jon Reid
Lam Research
ECP Deposition and characterization of Co and/or Cu
Shintaro Yamamichi
IBM Japan
Computing Reimagined – AI for material, material for AI