Invited Speakers

Michael Chudzik

Applied Materials
“A Materials to Systems Understanding of a BEOL Embedded Analog NVM Memory Technology for Edge Compute Applications”

Mukta Farooq

IBM Research
“Heterogeneous Integration for AI Architectures”

Wilfred Gomes

Microprocessor Design and Technology, Intel Corporation
“Ponte Vecchio : Building a Foundation to Enable 1000X Scaling for the Third Dimension of Moore’s Law”

Laurent Grenouillet

“Demonstration of HfO2-based BEOL-integrated ferroelectric memories: current status and future challenges”

Masanori Hashimoto

Department of Communications and Computer Engineering, Kyoto University
“Via-switch FPGA with Transistor-free Programmability”

Jinnam Kim

Samsung Electronics
“Advanced interconnect technology for 2nm node and beyond”

Andy Kummel

University of California, San Diego
“ALD of Ru with bulk-like resistivity by balancing precursor concentration to maximum surface mobility and minimize contaminants”

Qinghuang Lin

Advanced Technology Development, Lam Research Corporation
“Death No Moore: EUV Dry Resist for Continuous Scaling of Semiconductor Devices”

Philippe Rodriguez

“Recent Advances in Ni-based GeSn Metallization”

Andy Simon

IBM Research
“Unit Process Trends and Challenges for Advanced Interconnect Scaling”

Kazuyoshi Ueno

Shibaura Institute of Technology
“Recent Progress in Graphene Processes for Metallization and RF Applications”

Pieter Woltgens

ASML Technology Development Center
“Design-Technology Co-Optimization for BEOL Interconnect in Advanced Technologies”

Tomonari Yamamoto

Tokyo Electron Limited
“Advanced process technologies for continuous logic scaling towards 2nm node and beyond”

Wei Zhou

Advanced Package Technology Development, Micronn Technology Inc.
“Cu Hybrid Bonding Process Key Challenges and Solutions to C2W and W2W Bonding Applications”

Alfred Zinn

Kuprion Inc
“Nanoengineered CTE Tailorable Copper Solder for Robust High Performance Heterogeneous Integration and Packaging”